Bell & Ross Genuine Claf Grey Leather Watch Strap

Product no.: Bell & Ross Genuine Claf Grey TLS
£85.00 / pair(s)
Price incl. VAT, plus delivery

Handmade dark brown leather strap. The bracelet is Italian artisan handmade, The stitching is realized using strong quality 1mm wire.  

You can customize the stitches with different colors. We have these colors:   white, cream, beige, light brown, brown, dark brown, black, green , blue , light blue , pink, yellow, grey.   Buckle side lengths: 3 inches (7,2cm);  Long side is: 4,75 inches (12cm).  

We can make different lug sizes 18/16mm , 19/16mm, 20/18mm, 20/20mm, 21/18mm , 22/18mm 24/22mm 

*** Current wait times are approx 1-2 Weeks ***   The leather Works Straps are that much in demand!!!  The times quoted above are only an estimate.  All The straps are made by a strap maker.  Nothing is machine made and this process takes time and is in high demand.  Unlike my competitors, make each strap one at a time using the best leather you can source.  None of these designs are in stock.  When you place an order your name is put on the list and your strap will then be hand cut , stitched and delivered to your specifications.  Please read the FAQ Section before ordering.

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