Patek Philippe 22mm Heavy Duty Silicon Rubber Divers Watch Strap

Product no.: Patek Ilmor Tang
£25.00 / pack(s)
Price incl. VAT, plus delivery

Extremely flexible and very strong. Soft touch high quality rubber divers strap with reinforced curved lugs. Totally matt finish, superior flexibility and soft feel of this strap make it just that little bit special. Supplied with a custom fitted high quality nickel free stainless steel buckle. This strap offers superior flexibility and is extremely resistant to the cracking. If your after a highly durable divers strap - this item will not disappoint in terms of durability, feel or look. 100% waterproof and highly resistant to chemical degradation, ie. oil, detergents and other substances that would destroy a leather watchstrap. Will not harden over time and therefore is extremely resistant to cracking (unlike many of the lower quality and similar looking watch straps)


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Please measure your watch carefully to ensure the band will fit - this band is available in 22mm.

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