22mm Black Leather watch strap Double Stitched For Bell & Ross Watches

Product no.: B&R BandAPAN Black
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BandAPAN combines the best of  fine genuine calf leather, tied with high quality yarns and done exceptionally smooth and thoroughly by highly experienced craftsmen to give you luxury and convenience while wearing this leather watch straps.  The strap is made out of genuine and high quality durable calf skin leather. The strap itself is right around 4.0 mm thick all the way through. Volcano is designed to follow the scent of lava that seems to stick in the hands of the wearer. BandAPAN was made by highly experienced craftsmen; it is made of chosen exclusive leather calf. Having a thorough cutting process, dyeing and finishing to each small part of this calf. More than that, stitching techniques hereditary is used in the process of the strap making so that the result is fine-guaranteed leather watch straps. The two pieces are brought together around generous padding using the Remborde or turned edge construction technique resulting in a band that is a bit thicker than many bands out there The band will arrive flat and a little bit stiff but after wearing it for a few days it will become soft and pliable and will be not only very comfortable but will look very distinguished on your wrist. Changing the band yourself is very simple with a Spring Bar. After changing your strap and buckle a few times you will realise how easy it is and you will be able to change your band to suit the occasion.


Please measure your watch carefully to ensure the band will fit - this band is 22mm wide at the case lugs.


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