Metta Oiled Black Leather Watch Strap for Bell & Ross

Product no.: B&R Metta Black
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This strap is exclusive custom made by hand for us with our name brand on it. Leather is soft and smooth, This great oil tanned leather is rugged, handsome and comfortable... all at the same time. Some darker striations give this strap a touch of character missing from a plain old brown strap. This one will stand the test of time, and do it with a smile on it's face. This new version of Metta is made with a very comfortable leather that makes the strap less stiff than in the past and very comfortable on the wrist. This strap is a firm strap with just a little bit of sheen to it. It breaks in wonderfully and after some regular wear develops a gorgeous patina. Made with one sewn-in and one floating keeper. 

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