Handmade Vintage Racing Brown Leather Watch Strap White Stitching For Ball Railmaster

Product no.: Ball Racing BrownST
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Any vintage watch, though they look particularly bad-ass on Subs, Speedies, GMTs, and 50 Fathoms.

These are the straps that made us famous – or maybe it's the other way around. Our original vintage-inspired straps set the watch world on fire when we began to sell them online over four years ago. These straps are designed with old timepieces in mind, and remain a staple of the watch collecting landscape even today. Often copied, never duplicated, these hand-stitched straps will make you remember the days men were men and tool watches were really tools. These are casual, rugged straps that will last a while.Length: 120mm / 75mm.

Like all of our products, it is brand new and in stock in the UK, ready for our super fast shipping.

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