Grand Prix Textured 22mm Silicon Rubber Watch strap Tag Heuer Carrera

Product no.: TAG Car GP Rubber
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High quality 'soft touch' silicon rubber. Totally matt fish. Extremely flexible and very strong - you're likely to tire of wearing this strap long before you wear it out ! Heavy duty nickel-free stainless steel buckle (polished). Strong floating strap loop. Ridged anti-slip inner suface. Design lends a distinctive and chunky look well suited to Military, chrono and dive watches. 100% waterproof and highly resistant to many corrosive substances that would normally destroy a leather watchstrap, ie. oil, detergents. Significantly more durable than the numerous resin or polyeurethane variants available elsewhere on the internet. This strap is highly resistant to the ageing/cracking problems encountered with lower priced and frequently thinner dive straps. While many divers straps might look pretty similar, there are significant differences in quality that cannot be determined from the images seen in your browser. As a general guide, dive straps with a higher rubber content will be more flexible and perhaps most importantly resist cracking for longer.

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