Grand Prix Brown Leather Watch strap For TAG Heuer Link Watch

Product no.: TAG Heuer GP Brown link
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Fully leather lined. Manufactured in England by EIEI specialist watchstrap maker (this is not a cheap/inferior Chinese import!). Padded but not heavily and therefore well suited for partnering vintage, classic and retro style watches.The quality of the leather watchstrap is a significantly better strap than you might imagine at this price - if it sported a big brand logo you would be asked pay considerably more (and paying a higher price is no guarantee that you will receive a strap of superior quality). The two pieces are brought together around generous padding using the Remborde or turned edge construction technique resulting in a band that is a bit thicker than many bands out there The band will arrive flat and a little bit stiff but after wearing it for a few days it will become soft and pliable and will be not only very comfortable but will look very distinguished on your wrist. Changing the band yourself is very simple with a Spring Bar. After changing your strap and buckle a few times you will realise how easy it is and you will be able to change your band to suit the occasion.


Please measure your watch carefully to ensure the band will fit - this band is available in 20mm and 22mm.


Like all of our products, it is brand new and in stock in the UK, ready for our super fast shipping.

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