Handmade Padded Chromexcel Brown Horween Leather Watch Strap For TAG Heuer

Product no.: TAG Vintage Horween Padded Chromexcel Brown
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Horween Rustic Calfskin Leather with Stainless Steel Buckle.

Toscana's new watch strap is made with high grade rustic Horween leather. It features matching color stitching and a matching Horween lining. This strap has some interesting pull-up effects when you bend it. 120mm x 80mm. 4mm thickness at lug. Bruched Buckle.

Note: If you haven't heard of Horween, they have been based in downtown Chicago for the last century. Horween makes some of the finest leather in the world. If you've ever thrown an official regulation football, you've handled Horween leather.
One of the best replacement strap that work well with your TAG Heuer

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