Zodiac super Seawolf 53 Compression Cut Edge Saddle Brown Leather Watch Strap

Product no.: Zodiac BandA Tan
£40.00 / unit(s)
Price incl. VAT, plus delivery

op quality leather watch strap. Contemporary design and retro styling make the EIEI SD an excellent choice for chronographs and sports watches. Matt low sheen finish. Supple yet hardwearing cut edge construction using only top quality hand selected hides. Heavy duty thread contrast stitched. If this strap sported a Breitling logo you'd be asked to pay at least 5 times the  price. Equal or superior to many replacement watchstraps of similar design and spec. (think Hirsch, Bros, Hadley Roma, Darlena etc.). In my opinion the EIEI SD give the construction standards set by many of the significantly more expensive branded straps a very close run for the money ! Production samples of these straps are comprehensively 'destruction' tested by the manufacturer to ensure superior durability and wear characteristics. The EIEI SD is also sauna tested to ensure that these watchstraps' can withstand the heat and steam typically encountered in sauna conditions and tropical climates.

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